A brief re­count of the story of Tra­jan Pro 3 and Tra­jan Sans Pro, writ­ten by John D. Berry, a famed in­dustry ex­pert and au­thor, was pos­ted on Adobe’s Web site. Ger­asi­mos “Gerry” Le­oni­das and I ac­ted as non-Lat­in design con­sult­ants.

The launch of Tra­jan Pro 3 and Tra­jan Sans Pro happened to co­in­cide with a sig­ni­fic­ant book pro­ject de­voted to an­cient Ro­man in­scrip­tion­al let­ter (cap­it­al­is mo­nu­men­tal­is)—first and fore­most to the style used for the let­ter­ing at the base of the Tra­jan column. Titled The Etern­al Let­ter, the book was pub­lished by the MIT Press in early 2015. Its ed­it­or Paul Shaw, a well-known Amer­ic­an type his­tor­i­an, in­cluded my two short es­says in this mono­graph—on the role of the Tra­jan let­ter in the his­tory of So­viet ty­po­graph­ic design, and the de­vel­op­ment of Cyril­lic ver­sions of Adobe’s two typefaces, Tra­jan Pro 3 and Tra­jan Sans Pro.