Island Crete

Author: Alena

Geia sas! Hello!

They wish good health to everyone here, in the heart of Greece, on the blessed island Crete. Nothing, however, depends of wishes: sun, sea, clean air and best in the world Cretan diet will make everything by default and the health of the visitors will become better. Even if they have a few too much Cretan raki - grape vodka, so clean that more cures body than harms. If, however, distract attention from the needs of the body and move on to spiritual matters, situation is even better: roasted on a spit milk-fed lamb with fragrant, rich Cretan wine is sure to please the soul. Especially, being consumed it in the olive groves, where nymphs used to live, under the blue sky where Daedalus and Icarus used to fly with their handcrafted wings, near the banks, where ancient fleets used to land. Maybe even with a view of Knossos, where the hero Theseus arrived from Athens in hope to release city from humiliating tribute to the famous half-bull monster – seven beautiful girls and strong boys.
For these who are indifferent to ruins and myths there always are fun and happening places, cozy, almost Italian towns, wildlife, caves and gorges, a thousand colors of Cretan seas, amazing beaches, beautiful sunshine and serene atmosphere of eternal summer.